Read some insights from the people we have worked with.

“I am amazed at the impact the strategic planning & alignment initiative is having on the entire business. It brings a level of focus and dedication across the team that we have never seen before. The earlier challenges are now dwarfed by more meaningful challenges associated with achieving our strategic goals. The outcome has exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for your support.” 

John Deeb (CEO) – Rubicon Red

“I enjoyed my engagement with Katydid, and particularly with Catherine.  She had a “can do attitude” and a personality that engaged with and listened to a variety of people – making all aware that they had a worthwhile opinion that should be heard.  She was also an excellent communicator and facilitator that could synthesize views immediately in discussion groups or in summary documentation. She has an eye for detail and was extremely conscious of timelines and the timely delivery of reports.

We engaged Katydid Consulting to review the communication channels and their effectiveness within the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, which delivers nearly half of Monash’s research outputs. It has organizational complexity, is multi-sited and has a variety of stakeholders (students through to academics and clinicians). Katydid actively engaged with these stakeholders in time efficient meetings that were valued by the staff.  The strong staff sentiments both of their interactions with Katydid and the approach and discussions in meetings pathed the way for successfully navigating through our communication needs and messages required to different audiences.  We have implemented many of the suggested “quick wins”, and some of the more significant changes.

Staff had a strong sense of trust when dealing with Katydid - that they were being listened to, and that a positive outcome would be forthcoming from the interaction.”

Professor Matthew Gillespie (Vice-Provost - Faculty and Graduate Affairs) – Monash University

“The Victoria Racing Club (VRC) engaged Katydid Consulting to aid and facilitate in the development of a five-year strategic plan back in 2015. Subsequently Katydid Consulting has provided ongoing annual services around facilitating reviews of progress against the plan as well as evaluating necessary revisions to the strategic plan brought about by evolving trends and changing operating environments. Katydid Consulting has made a significant contribution towards the establishment of a strategic planning framework within the VRC which has helped to enable executives and senior leaders to engage the business to execute against the plan. Catherine Moynihan is extremely professional, diligent and reliable and has developed a strong understanding of the VRC business since 2015 which has aided in the successful progress the Club has made against its five-year strategic plan.”

Nick Addison (EGM Commercial Operations) - Victoria Racing Club and
Neil Wilson (CEO) - Victoria Racing Club

"I have been very fortunate in my career to work closely with a number of highly skilled professionals in highly challenging situations, as both a client and as a colleague, and Catherine Moynihan is one such person who will always be at or close to the top of that list in her own field.

What has always stood out for me regarding Catherine’s work is that she is always prepared to challenge both herself and those that she works with, and she will never compromise on integrity, quality or safety. She never settles for expediency or allows herself to do the obvious unless that it is genuinely in the interests of her client. I’ve always admired her willingness to walk away from work that is better done by others, and her generosity in recommending potential competitors, if that is more likely the better way forward. At the same time Catherine brings extraordinary heart, honour and discretion to her engagements and relationships; she is neither afraid to admit and share compassion, nor “speak truth to power” when called for – and she can always be trusted with highly confidential matters.

I would work with Catherine and Katydid again in a heartbeat, if the opportunity was right for both of us, because I know that her work will inevitably be infused with the good character that she brings. I know that there are others out there who have similar training and experience, but very few who appropriately invest their own nature in scoping, designing and delivering the right work. And its been my experience that Catherine’s counsel is valuable in both the best and worst of times – if she shares my own assessment of a situation I am gratified, but I am even more conscious of the value of her questions or disagreement. And what can be more valuable than that, from a trusted advisor ?"

Matt McDonald (GM Finance and Company Secretary) - Institute of Architects

“I commenced working with Catherine looking for assistance in developing a short term plan for my newly developed Executive Leadership Team and finished with a 3 year horizon plan, along with clear and measurable deliverables. Perhaps the most valuable outcome was that we went through a process to ensure we were all on the same page and walked away knowing that we had no one else to point to if things didn’t go to plan. A valuable experience, still being implemented today.”

Geoff Neate (Managing Director) - Spirit

“Catherine’s facilitation of our strategic planning workshops was very in the moment.

Catherine was artful in navigating the diverse stakeholders in the room and ensured we landed agreed outcomes.  She was adaptive, flexible and a delight to work with. She’s a strategic thinker, who also has attention to detail.

Catherine challenges, asks thought provoking questions and knows when to hold leadership teams to account.”

Susan Tonks (Ex - Executive General Manager People & Culture) - Victoria Racing Club


“I worked with Catherine to reshape my HR function. I was clear on the need to tilt to a more customer oriented, strategic team but didn’t have the time or capabilities to make it happen. Catherine jumped in, sought to fully understand the problem, what the end state was, how it would benefit the organisation and then developed a methodology for getting there.

She engaged the team, kept me in the driver’s seat, made it easy, fun and we delivered a new way of working.

I’d highly recommend her work.”

Susan Tonks (Ex - General Manager Human Resources) - Kmart