Catherine Moynihan

Director & Principal Consultant

Catherine is an organisational performance consultant and coach with close to 20 years’ experience partnering with CEOs, executive teams and leaders. She has held senior consulting and leadership positions and worked in numerous geographic regions, including Asia Pacific and America. Catherine’s reputation as a consultant and coach is exemplary and her practice spans a variety of industries including; Leisure and Event Entertainment, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Banking, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Advertising, Utilities, Mining, FMCG, Manufacturing, Local City Councils and Statutory Bodies.

Catherine supports businesses to align their people with their business strategy, to realise goals and to achieve sustainable growth. She is passionate about ensuring workforce and business strategies enable differentiated customer experiences and reinforcing brand results.

Catherine brings a unique view to individual development. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminology, as well as a post-graduate degree in Applied Psychology (along with accreditation in a range of organisational and individual measurement tools), has positioned her as an expert in human behaviour.

Leveraging her expertise in human behaviour, Catherine facilitates change initiatives at the individual, team and organisational level. She believes that connection and meaning is at the heart of change and sustainable growth. To raise the confidence, performance, focus and alignment of her clients, she develops individual & organisational insight and capability through structured facilitation and coaching. A key enabler is unlocking one’s most creative, curious, childlike selves with the goal of realising an individual’s or organisation’s full potential and optimising conscious and unconscious strengths and differences.

Catherine elegantly helps individuals and businesses explore their truth. She is a masterful facilitator of robust and fearless conversations that really matter. Her genuine intent is to witness how individuals, teams and businesses can find that space to be the best that they can be. Catherine has boundless energy, extraordinary passion and as an action-orientated role model is always focused on achieving unexpected outcomes. 


We align with and leverage the skills, capabilities and insights of those we trust and have worked closely with over extended periods of time. Our associates align with Katydid’s principles and philosophies. As such we have the benefit of being able to draw on a diverse team of expert consultants and coaches on an as needs basis to ensure a seamless and scalable engagement.